Version 1.8 released

  1. Task Manager – Task manager allows you to create tasks to keep track of things to do. Prioritize, assign tasks, search , filter and more.
  2. Trends – Trends is a graph based view for your calendars, view by counts, dollars or hours.
  3. Autospot –  Create a repair order in Autospot at the push of a button.
  4. Video Conference – We added the ability for your company to have your own screen sharing and video conference room as part of OnBoard Scheduler.  Just click the meeting icon located in the top right of OnBoard Scheduler. We have made improvements to screen sharing in version 1.8
  5. OnBoard Scheduler users can interface with Connected Shop to schedule sms(text message) appointment reminders.
  6. Improved printed reports – Hide job total and/or hours from printed reports. Print 1 page per technician, service writer or production status.
  7. Updated data pump.
  8. Pushover – Sign up for a pushover account and get notified when messages are sent and received in Connected Shop, directions to get started.
  9. Dashboards – Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.
  10. Performance improvements in OnBoard Scheduler and Connected shop. Faster screen updates.
  11. Misc bug fixes, thanks everyone for taking the time to report.
  12. Repair type import code: Select an import code to automatically select the repair type based on the Job Number field in your management system