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OnBoard Scheduler can send appointment reminders via email in version .6 and higher,

  • Once logged in click the settings tab then the Messaging tab.

  • Select the calendar name that you would like to add email reminders to
  • Select check box to enable –¬† If later you would like to disable this feature for the selected calendar uncheck the box
  • Include Vcard – Select to include a email attachment that allows the recipient to add the appointment information to their calendar
  • Subject – This is what will appear as the subject to the recipient, if left blank the subject will be “Appointment Reminder”
  • Message Text – Additional¬† information included in the body of the email. The email will already contain the appointment date and time, the shops address, customer name and vehicle information. Use this to include instructions to the customer
  • Click the Save button when finished with each calendar
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