Sending SMS Reminders

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Sending SMS reminders

Note: You must have Connected Shop to use this feature.

Set the appointment SMS reminder ahead of time and relax.  The scheduler will remind your guest, sublet vendor or Stakeholder of an upcoming appointment or event.

From the details screen of an event that has SMS reminder enabled, click the bell .  If the customers phone number was entered in the details screen of OBS , click on the phone number at the top. If no number is in the details screen Click the drop down under type, select text message and enter the phone number.  Select the date you would like to send the text message and drag the time slider to the desired time.  Click the save icon under action. close out and save and close.

To cancel a reminder, click on the bell icon for the event you wish to cancel a reminder for and click on the trash can icon in the upcoming message field.



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