Setting Up and Maintaining Calendars V#1

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To set up a calendar cick on   click on 

Click the days of the week your business is open, and enter the hours of operation.

To create a new calendar:

Click on .  Enter the name of the calendar, select the default length for the apptointment, click on the color swatch (background color) choose color select,  text color,   choose type &  click on 


To add the fields you wish to see on each calendar locate the calendar you wish to edit  by clicking the  below 

If you decide to change the calendar type this is the screen to do so.

See calendar type, for descriptions 

In the example below we have chosen a count type calendar called estimates. We have entered  an allowable count of 5, and have selected the fields that we would like to utilize when creating an event.  We have also chosen to restrict the number of events allowed in this calendar per day by checking the max button.



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