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The copy to new event allows the user to attach a particular job to multiple calendars. The multiple calendars are linked together by the RO #.

This will create a timeline for the vehicle based on the calendars that have been linked.

The user simply clicks on an existing  event in the scheduler, clicks on   , selects the calendar (by clicking on drop down for the additional calendar)they want to create  an additional event for, enter details if needed, select the date from the grid on the right and set the time for the event.


Select Event

Click on copy to new event

Select the calendar you wish to add to timeline.

Select the Date from the available dates shown on the right, enter the details, drag time line slide bar or enter time for the event and  click  & click  .


All of the information entered in the original event was brought over.


Note that only the needed info is now showing for this particular calendar event.  If you were sharing this particular calendar type with a sublet vendor this would be useful.  A flag was also set in this example. (See settings / calendars / calendar sharing)

Note that by clicking on the Event in the scheduler that a time line has started. In this example there are only 2 calendars attached to this RO, the original event ( ) was marked completed, thus showing the timeline is 50% complete.


Additional information for the Job can be seen by clicking (History)  while in the details screen

(See History)







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